Fresh baked using simple, quality ingredients.
 Fresh roasted coffees for superb flavour.  
Our Story
The Queen's Tarts began as a word of mouth fundraiser to help cover costs associated with a Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip to Kenya in 2010 and for yearly build trips since then.  With the opening of the                          in 2014 we have been able to expand into a viable business with plans for a stand alone business in the future incorporating fresh roasted coffee and other baked goods.  In 2015 we expanded to add festivals including Rotary Fest and the Northern Lights Festival.  We also attended the Annual Buttertart Festival in Midland, Ontario where we sold over 2000 buttertarts in less than four hours.  
Mill Market
We offer over 25 varieties of buttertarts and are constantly experimenting with new options.  We also offer a variety of pies, and occasionally Brendan's Homemade Cookies.  Fresh roasted coffee will be available in February 2016.   Come see us at the Mill Market.  
Tammy Paterson
Aaron Craig
The Minions
Tammy is the driving force and chief labourer at The Queen's Tarts.  What began as a small fundraising venture has turned into hours of rolling pastry and great memories made.  The customer and vendor interactions at the Mill Market make it all worthwhile.
Aaron is the chief taste tester and assistant product developer.  Aaron has taken on the task of developing our signature coffee blend and assists in running the booth at various festivals.  
Come see us at the Mill Market and you will most likely see one of the minions helping out.  Alexys can be found at the booth most days and Bailey helps out as well.  Brendan and Owen can often be found at the booth or harassing market staff.